Sunday, September 23, 2012

DA's contest


As in the title, recently DA (that stands for deviantART, mind you) ada melancarkan Draw This Again contest. It's an improvement-theme contest, katanya. 

So, basically, we choose any one of our old drawings, and we'll need to draw it again to see our improvements! (can be either traditional, digital, or photography arts). Kemudian, letakkan side by side the old and the new drawings and submit it. Unfortunately, I can't join because I'd never upload my old drawings at DA... they're not satisfying enough for me to show the public. -malu, malu-

So! since this idea is very tempting, I'll do it anyway... and post it here instead. The left one I had drawn sometime around 5 to 9 years ago, I think. 

Aku tak pernah percaya kalau seseorang tu kata, "I'll never be able to draw". Lies. I've seen how I develop over the years (yes, it's not easy... but still), and I've seen new artists develop here and there. All it takes is the 1st step. And time, I suppose. Memang la mula-mula tak lawa, but the word 'practice makes perfect' exists for a reason. Memang tak dinafikan pasal 'talent', but 'rajin' tu lagi penting. Have talent but still take it for granted will take you nowhere.


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