Friday, September 21, 2012



Greyson Chance had sung a very good song, Waiting Outside The Line strikes me somehow familiar as a situation I often put myself into, walau macam mana rasa keberatan pun masa tu. It's good to be reminded sometimes that there are someone who cares out there.

You'll never enjoy your life 
living inside the box,
You're so afraid of taking chances
how you're going to reach the top?
Rules and regulations 
force you to play it safe,
get rid of all the hesitations,
it's time for you to seize the day!
Instead of just sitting around 
and looking down on tomorrow,
you got to let your feet off the ground
the time is now...

Try to have no regrets 
even if it's just tonight,
how you're going to walk ahead
if you keep living blind
stuck in the same position
you deserve so much more
there's a whole world around us
just waiting to be explored...

Teringat pula time muda-muda dulu, during my school year, ada satu lagu favourite ni. A Praise Chorus by Jimmy Eat World also give me the same feeling before, though the song does lean towards something a bit... haha. Depends on your understanding of the song. 

Are you going to live your life wondering, 
standing in the back looking around?
Are you going to waste your time thinking
how you've grown up or how you missed out?
Things are never going to be the way you want
where it's going to get you acting serious?
Things are never going to be quite what you want
even at 25, you got to start sometime!

Are you going to live your life
standing in the back looking around?
Are you going to waste your time?
got to make a move or you'll miss out!
Someone's going to ask you what it's all about
stick around nostalgia won't let you down,
Someone's going to ask you what it's all about
what are you going to have to say for yourself?

Ok, so apa pointnya di sini? In my opinion, pointnya adalah kita tak patut asyik menyibuk menyesal with our pasts. Maksud saya (ceh, 'saya'), apabila kita selalu fikir yang 'I should have done this, I should have done that' etc. etc... sampai kita tidak dapat fokus pada present time! 
#%@!!! (tolong jangan teka apa maksudnya...)
Apa, macam la kita boleh ubah masa lampau kan? Ambil sebagai pengajaran sudah, jangan sampai makan diri.
Seriously, kita hidup di dunia ni tak lama sebenarnya. Kenapa tak memaximumkan masa yang ada, yesh, sebaik-baiknya. Dok menyesal saja tak ke mana.
Mana saya (ceh, 'saya') dapat idea ni? Dalam buku Don't Be Sad by Sheikh 'Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni, beliau ada mention kisah ni, tajuk-tajuk seperti 'The past is gone forever' and 'Today is all that you have'... Tambahan lagi, 'Leave the future alone until it comes'.
Tuan2 and puan2 boleh tgk2 kat sini,

Oh, point satu lagi, jangan takut gunakan peluang yang ada. 
"Baik, gunakan peluang yang ada! Lepas ni aku nak join semua aktiviti dekat U ni!! yes, hidup aku!!" eh, macam ni dah lain pula... 

Another note...
Uih, letih promote barang kat manusia yang lalu-lalang depan aku, tengok atas...
waaaah, suka this point of view.
Tapi si burung sempat lari...


  1. you.....remind me of something - my book is with you! haha

    1. oho? of course, of course. On my table right now. =) You want back already r?