Thursday, September 20, 2012

We are sisters

I'm happy to say that I was given a chance to know this one girl. She's older than me only by 2 years, but she's so wonderful.
 To keep her anonymous (and myself anonymous), this is not her. But that's how she appears, somehow.

What made our meeting special? She's not a native. Allah takdirkan kami berkenalan, Subhanallah...
This really strengthened my opinion on the fact that races never matter. Whichever countries we're from, whichever races we originates from, we are Muslims and thus we are sisters, Alhamdulillah.

And one fun fact is that there's some limited language-barrier between us, haha. There are times when one of us trying to express a point from deep in our heart and yet cannot because we have to communicate through our 2nd language (instead of each of our own mother tongue)... Come that time, it always become too funny and we would eventually laugh! 


Then, on another note...

Berbunga hati aku dengar nama 'dia'. Jangan sebut nama 'dia' boleh tak?

Interesting story I heard recently.
N has a friend, a girl. The girl like a boy, but never tell dearest friend N. N suspect though.
The girl really, really likes the boy. The boy also likes the girl.
Eh... typical, I know. But it's a true story!
The girl berdoa bersungguh-sungguh (kerana hanya Allah Yang Maha Berkuasa and Maha Mengetahui). The boy also prayed it seems! (drpd apa yang dicerita la)
Then... wa-la!! Married!
Now? They're gonna have a baby! Oh, happy, happy. 
Moral? Jodoh ditangan Allah. Kalau mengadu ke 'dinding', apa dapat?
Mana tahu cerita ni? N cerita, yup.


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